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About Us

Providing the right answer to the right problem since 1999.

Imparta Engineers is a renowned and trusted engineering consultancy providing advice to the insurance industry in all things related to building movement and damage.

Our History

Hugh Mountford and Phil Prider set the foundation and established Mountford Prider Pty Ltd in  1999, quickly establishing a trusted go to for clear and sound building damage advice to the insurance industry.  Serving Adelaide and regional South Australia, and the regional border communities along the New South Wales and Victorian borders in providing an understanding  of damage to built structures and how best to repair solutions.

The need for expert advice saw growth in the opening of the Sydney office in 2004  which saw further growth in the Queensland and Victorian markets.  2012 saw the move into Melbourne and by 2015 formed a permanent presence in Victoria

In July 2016, saw a change in name to Imparta Engineers,  reflecting the collective contribution and recognition  of all the expert people which represent  and equally  share the established foundation. While there was a change in name there was no change in the level of expert advice and quality output set in the earlier years.

The opening of the Brisbane office in 2016 saw Imparta Engineers’ solidify growth along the eastern seaboard.

Our team have brought together and developed a strong and deep understanding of residential, commercial and industrial structures in focus with the insurance process.

The longevity of Imparta Engineers is testament to the quality of professional  engineering advice and technical services establishing us as the most respected firm of its type in Australia.

Celebrating 25 Years

In May 2024 Imparta Engineers turned 25 years old. We had a celebration including staff and their partners along some clients and service providers who have helped us to where we are today.  It is the first time we have had all 4 state offices together in the one place, we are very lucky to have such an amazing team!

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Imparta Engineers’ goal is to provide the right advice to the right problem in a transparent and inclusive manner to all stakeholders.